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About Us

Our company is structured to harness the expertise of our staff, collaboratively working as a team, to maximize the capabilities of the Anderson power generation plant. This optimization is driven by innovation, advanced technology, and novel energy systems that enhance our current biomass-to-steam electricity production. Qualified as a combined heat and power (CHP) facility, the plant produces both electricity and heat through the combustion of biomass. While these functions will continue, the company is expanding its clean energy avenues, integrating concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) generation and thermal energy storage (TES) to boost plant output. TES systems will facilitate round-the-clock electric energy generation.


Our company has assembled a team of professionals to execute the plant expansion. This collective includes include former plant managers, engineers responsible for its operational planning and equipment, and  vendors who have previously serviced the plant. Supplementing this group are expansion specialists with proficiency in heat capture, solar collection, and thermal storage.  


The strategic team for the expansion operates under the guidance of Blue Engine Energy, LLC, who is engaged to plan and oversee the expansion (see more about Blue Engine Energy at


Leading the project is Nate Techanchuk, the Senior Project Manager, who coordinates the on-site group. With 25 years of project management experience in diverse industries, including finance and construction, Nate has previously led teams of up to 125 members. Possessing comprehensive knowledge of the plant and its processes, Nate has brought together a skilled, innovative, and solution-oriented team. Their insightful and meticulous advice has already significantly contributed to the plant's expansion efforts. 

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