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Meet the Team

Anderson Bio Group is managed by Blue Engine Energy, LLC.

Plant Management Team

Nathan Techanchuk | Project Manager

With over 20 years of expertise, Nathan Techanchuk is a seasoned professional known for  leadership across multiple industries. Nathan holds a B.S. degree in Communications and has managed many projects. Nathan directed a residential construction company, with emphasis on planning and execution. Nathan understands the plant and the location very well and is a valuable asset to the team.

Daniel Alderman | Advisor

Nathan Techanchuk ("Nate") has over 20 years of management experience in finance and construction.  Nate is a seasoned professional who has managed company divisions as large as 125 employees and revenues of 500MM dollars.  Nate lives near the plant, is on site daily, and has studied the history and evolution of the plant equipment and functions.  Nate has organized previous plant vendors, employees, engineers and managers into an efficient team to re-commission and operate the plant.   Nate has a true focus on planning and execution and holds a BS in Communications from Portland State University.


Administrative Team

Christopher James | Chief Development Officer

Mr. James has practiced commercial law as an attorney in Portland Oregon since 1974.  His practice focused on business litigation and transactions, with a concentration in distribution, technology and real estate. Recently his focus moved to shareholder realization through limited auction sales and corporate development.  He has been general counsel to companies that became NYSE listed and other private companies that reached more than 1B in annual revenue. 

In the energy vertical Mr. James has represented clients with innovations and applications in solar technologies, polycarbonate composites, passive solar architecture, and related fields.  Mr. James was also counsel to The Modern Energy Conference in Denver Colorado, a premier annual alternative energy conference including solar, wind, wave, nuclear and geothermal technologies.    

Greg Nilan | Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Nilan is a management consultant who has provided financial and operational consulting servicers over the past forty years. His focus has been financial and market feasibility, financial projections, development and operations for a wide variety of real estate projects. He received his degree from Washington State University and California Polytechnic University Pomona specializing in finance and business in the hospitality industry. His areas of expertise include airport terminal concessions and  major hotel and resort projects throughout North America as well as all types of food and beverage operations. Additionally he has been involved in development, financing and operations at major visitor destinations including sports arenas and stadiums, amusement parks and Olympic Games

Arek Fristensky  | Corporate Affairs Coordinator

Mr. Fristensky is an attorney with experience assisting businesses with civil litigation and commercial transactions, as well as experience in environmental and natural resources law, including water rights litigation. He earned his law degree at Lewis and Clark Law School, a Master’s degree in Hydrologic Science from University of California at Davis and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of Oregon.

Lynsey Horne | Entitlement Administrator

Lynsey Horne is a government programs specialist and project developer. Experienced in program management, research analysis, sales, and project coordination, she also has a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (emphases in natural resource economics, ecology, and sustainability) from Auburn University. She is driven by a desire to couple emerging technologies to provide clean energy solutions.  

Lynsey has studied Government Clean Energy and Entitlement programs at the State and Federal levels including California. She is an excellent writer and will be a key player in submitting for entitlement programs for the Anderson Plant. 

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